British Haiku Society AGM and Winter Gathering by Zoom,
Saturday, 20th November 2021

The BHS AGM was a short meeting (approx. 20 minutes).

Before the BHS AGM all BHS Members were sent the relevant documents and were given the opportunity to respond to them.
At the Zoom meeting the members voted on certain issues and discussed responses to the documents which had been circulated.
Winter Gathering
The theme of the Winter Gathering was ‘Life is a Ginko’.
There were two parts:

  • The first part of the event was an hour long and consisted of a virtual ginko with an introduction by Iliyana Stoyanova explaining what a ginko was and how this session would work.

BHS Members who wished to take part in the ginko have provided David Bingham with a photograph of a place where they have been or was of significance to them with an accompanying haiku.

Poets were encouraged to attend the session even if they chose not to send a photograph or haiku.

  • There was a 10-minute break between the first and second part of the event.
  • In the second part participants were shown two short pieces of time-lapse photography chosen by Iliyana Stoyanova.

London | Timelapse 8K by Mattia Bicchi

My Fukushima 8K | Timelapse Hyperlapse Film by Daisuke Shimizu

After each film, poets were asked to write a haiku. These haiku were then shared and discussed.

Here are a few samples from the haiku produced as part of these sessions:  


Write-up by David Bingham and Iliyana Stoyanova



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